Go Go Go

Main Street

Main Street

Wow, we’ve only been here a few days yet it seems like much longer. It’s been a great time so far! Today has definitely been the busiest day yet! The seven of us started our day with a Windrider forum at 8:30 am. We had to leave early in order to grab lunch and head to the Egyptian Theatre where we were seeing The Square. As soon as the film ended, we booked it to our next destination, the Library Theatre, to catch Circles. After a Q&A with the director of the film, we had the opportunity to chat and snap a picture with him. We then had about an hour to make it to our last film at the Yarrow Theatre, called God Loves Uganda. We went to dinner afterwards and enjoyed a nice sit-down meal. I got salmon, one of my favorite foods.

So far this trip has been a great experience. It’s awesome to actually be at the Sundance Film Festival and to take it all in. It’s different than what I expected; it’s pretty low-key and comforting. It’s in a small town, surrounded by mountains and ski hills. I find it absolutely beautiful here. I’ve never seen mountains before, and I was just in awe when we flew in (I still am!)

View of Salt Lake City from airplane

View of Salt Lake City from airplane

I’ve included some pictures I took in this post so you can see what I’m talking about. If you haven’t been to Park City, Utah, you should try to make it out here.

I’ve had a great time so far and I’m looking forward to the next three days at Sundance. I plan on coming back in the upcoming years!

-Laticia Mattson

Srdan Golubovic, director of Circles

Srdan Golubovic, director of Circles


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