Our class is in the high altitudes of Park City, Utah, but we’re not here for the ski slopes and snowboarding. This is the Sundance Film Festival. It has been my dream to see the films from this institution and meet the directors from all over the world.

The plane ride here was the first time I’ve been off the ground for more than 4 seconds. My head blew up like a balloon and my stomach spun like my mother’s chocolate mix. Still, I somehow seemed to have survived the epic air ride and slept well the first night at the hotel.

Before writing this post I began to ponder some ideas for a word that can describe my experience here, but the truth is there are no words to express my feelings. The films we see are beyond incredible and inspirational. Each film had a element of truth to society which made our conversations which each other deeper than ever before. Yesterday, we saw God Loves Uganda which showed the ideology of Christians in Africa and their immorality. This was a film which I greatly appreciated because of my personal struggles with handling homosexuality. It challenged my faith and encouraged me to be like minded, showing the same love to these individuals just as I would love my brothers in Christ.

Today we saw Life According to Sam, a boy struggling with progeria, are rare disease that causes rapid growth.

The film showed Sam’s progress through the help of his parents to help fight this terrible disease. From every shot it showed the beauty and love these parents had for their child and tried so hard everyday to finding the cure. Filmed over three years, the directors edited the movie in such a spectacular and inspirational way it will leave you in tears.

Not every movie is perfect here and some of those like Touchy Feely or The Square did not meet up to my expectation. Touchy Feely seemed to be lacking the elements of storytelling as well as character development. The film seems to get distracted with other lighthearted moments and drowns the attention span of the audience. It was like taking a mud bath. Some people like it, but the majority of us would rather use soap and water.

The Square had some great footage of the protesters in Egypt, but basically it’s everything I’ve seen regularly at a Nightline News report.

Still looking forward to watching Upstream Color which from what I heard from others is the greatest film at Sundance.

Tomorrow, I will be waiting in line to get tickets for the premiere showing of jOBS, the life of Steve Jobs and how he started the company. Mud is still my number one pick from Sundance which I hope to see on Saturday if I can find tickets.

-David De Leon


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