Rippling Effect

As we sit in the bustling airport, our heavy eye lids keep us from full consciousness, yet in the back of our minds, we’re reminiscing about the week’s events while also dreading the return home. We are left in the weakened and exhausted outer shells of our seemingly lifeless bodies, wondering how we will ever transition back into normal life. Sorenson put it best when she said our Sundance bubble has been popped. Seeing up to four films a day began to seem like routine, and now we face the disturbing prospect that most of us will not even have the chance to see a film for the remainder of the week.

While diving into film after film became emotionally draining, we fell evermore in love with our craft. This week we were faced with challenging themes concerning forgiveness, identity, passion, and the faithfulness of God which we will pursue in contemplation daily as we continue on from here. We feel blessed and honored to have experienced a multitude of films which the world may never have the chance to see again. We got to join in on the director’s journey as many films were premiered during this week. And we got to see how God can use non-believing film professionals in a secular industry to create a spiritual stirring in audiences. We saw this in films such as Circles, There Will Come a Day, & Linsanity, among others.

This so-called bubble felt like a truly unique community of professionals and film-enthusiasts. In these rare moments, even we Northwestern film students were considered to have valuable ideas, opinions, and critiques. The humble spirit that indwelt a large majority of the directors, writers, and producers that we met, made us feel like we were supporters and colleagues alongside them. Even today in this airport we got to see these genuine attributes played out through Srdan Golubovic, director of Circles.

Eagles with Srdan Golubovic, director of "Circles"

Eagles with Srdan Golubovic, director of “Circles”

It was yesterday while walking down Main Street that Chris, Krista and I passed the film’s crew. We panicked for a good thirty seconds debating whether or not to approach them yet again – as if they weren’t already sick of us. But the moment had passed and we simply missed our opportunity, which we all seriously regretted. But today, by either a miracle or God’s own design, we saw the entire crew just feet away from us in the airport. In a stealthy, stalker-like approach we followed Srdan as he was chasing his 15 month old son through the restaurants. We eventually caught up with him and re-introduced ourselves, though he already recognized us. He signed our ticket stubs and wished us well, and in an extremely kind gesture, gave us his email address, asking us to keep in touch with him. And if the morning couldn’t possibly get any better, his family and his crew boarded the same flight to Minnesota. In such a large world-wide industry, everything suddenly felt so intimately small.

Certainly, upon our return to the frigid Minnesotan air, we will have a tough time adjusting back to a regular academic or work schedule, we will miss spending nearly every moment with this tight knit group, and we will feel empty as we won’t have constant access to the challenging conversations about the art of film. But, we return also with a better knowledge of our craft, more inspiration, and a stronger passion to tell both compelling and impacting stories.

We would like to sincerely thank you for joining us on this adventure through reading our blog. Many details were spared from these posts so I encourage you to connect with one of us to hear more about this incredible experience. Ranko, whilst clinging to what small faith he has left, remarks: “You throw a mere rock in the water and something happens: those circles appear.” – from Circles (Krugovi).

These films have instilled so much in us, and soon you will have the chance to see the rippling effect of that inspiration through our forthcoming work. For now, back to the daily mundane, but expect to see some of our names on the Sundance marquees in the near future.

-Anna Marie Carey


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